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Why Live Chat Can Improve Your Conversion Rates

If used correctly, a live chat software, along with a good team, has the ability to increase conversion rates, by providing to your customers access to a live support agent while they’re navigating your site. But you will be truly disappointed if you think that it is enough to install some random soft and wait to have orders.

There are certain rules to apply when you use a live chat software, (which we already discussed in some of our articles), so you can improve conversions, build your customers` loyalty or answer to their questions. While our experts know exactly what to do and how to handle even the most difficult clients, here are the exact reasons for why you need to install live chat software on your website:

1. You will have powerful statistics to work with

Knowing all about your clients, such as what products they prefer, how many time they are spending on their page, how long takes until they make a decision or until they leave your site, where they are from or what widgets they use to navigate, is the perfect way to start on an analysis and develop a business plan.

Probably you know that a good business plan is what makes the difference between success and failure and that there are marketing experts that can help you with that. At The Chat Center, we are trying to develop our own marketing communication strategy, based on the psychological profile of customers, so that our client`s business can grow quick and safe.

A good live chat strategy can bring you even consistent sales from month-to-month or more. In addition, our team will track the effectiveness of the live chat system so that we can intervene every time is needed.

2. Increasing average order value

Virgin Airlines is one of those companies that use live chat to upsell customers. On the other hand, there are many companies who try only to sell products through this method of communication, which is, unfortunately, a very bad decision.

There are many statistics to prove that a good use of a live chat system can increase average order value consistently and constantly. Most of the users who visit your website are already in the decision-making phase, so they don`t really need to be convince. But upselling them while they complete their order you can easily create some enviable conversion rates.

Additional order values from clients who use the live chat support is 15% higher than for those who don`t, studies shown. Virgin also says live chat is cheaper than emails and phone calls as one live chat agent can typically do the work of about 15 customer specialists who are handling emails and calls.

Live Chat is growing

According to the latest trends, live chat`s popularity explode in the last couple of years. Not only that is cheaper, but it is also more effective: Virgin Airlines says live chat is cheaper than emails and phone calls as one live chat agent can typically do the work of about 15 customer specialists who are handling emails and calls.

The main reasons for such grow of live chat are that everybody has, now, access to internet through smartphones, no matter where they are. People prefer to buy products online while they are doing their job or stay confortable in their home and avoid going out and making their shopping. Surveys show that 40% of customers prefer to use live chat software on their mobile devices while shopping online than to have a boring conversation on the phone with someone from Public Relations.

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