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Using marketing communication techniques in live chat

Marketing professionals working in our live chat team are trained communication experts, playing the role of the “middleman” between your company and your clients and helping build the public image that you want to share. This is the reason why we use marketing communication techniques, so that the final form of public`s perception about your services is shaped accordingly to your objectives.

Studies show that more than 90% of first time website visitors are not ready to buy on their first visit. And while they can call a number or send an email to receive more details, live chat offers them the possibility of having their questions answered in real time, without leaving the page.

Live chat is thus mostly acknowledged as a support tool, but it can also be an efficient marketing tool, if used properly. With the help of trained live chat agents, the likelihood of potential customers leaving your site without making a purchase exponentially decreases.

Most marketing experts are not sales representatives. However, our team integrates sales techniques in order to obtain better results for our clients so that we not only sell products or services, we also sell brand and image. In a word, we sell satisfaction.

And while live chat is an alternative to telephone and email support – practices that are not cost-efficient for companies, nor time-efficient for customers, it can be much more than that: it’s not only helping potential customers discovering more detalis about your products and services, but also helping you find out what they know about your business.

There are numerous marketing techniques and if you corroborate them with sales techniques, you obtain many more variations. Today’s article focuses on public relations and online personal selling.

1. Public Relations

In public relations, the clients come to you and you have to make a good first impression in order for them to buy your product. We can surely say that PR is one of the high-valued forms of marketing communication, since a satisfied client is also a loyal one.

It takes skill to write certain words on a live chat platform with the purpose of convincing random people that you deserve their attention and money and you need a good presence of mind to give the perfect answer to a difficult question.

2. Personal Selling

For potential customers to buy your products and cervices, a good marketing presentation is not enough. This is why the people who represent your business should know certain selling techniques. We chose our employees based on this characteristic: natural-born sellers. The key is to listen closely to your clients` needs and desires and to answer the existing questions, thus they will not only give you their money, but they will also be happy about it. Live chat sends the message that you care for your customers, thus humanizing your brand.

Many people think that selling products or services is just about talking until the potential customer makes the purchase. False! If you show that you genuinely care about them, customers will come back another time and also recommend your company to their friends.

Creating a fanbase should be the main purpose of a company because this guarantees a long term profit, rather than a quick win.

Many agencies, like ours, can provide public relations services, while keeping a refreshing atmosphere for your clients. As we said, we develop our own marketing communication techniques through live chat, not only selling your products and services, but communicating and improving your brand`s perception among your clients, thus creating a fanbase. Beside all that, we’re educating and inspiring every single business on the market to create a healthier communication, since a happy client means a happy entrepreneur!


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