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How to turn your real estate website into a lead generation machine

So, maybe you’ve heard it too: “No one will buy an apartment solely by browsing the internet!” And this may be true. However, home buying process starts online.

The growth of the market of the last years has determined an increased level of competition for Real Estate Agencies and Developers, therefore, having a competitive advantage has become very important.

On the other hand, the permanent internet development opened up the possibility for clients to search, compare and consider the alternatives before making up their mind.

Like many other businesses, real estate is moving to online, so printing hundreds of pages of properties just to show them to potential customers is ancient, and there are new simplified methods to deal with clients. Nowadays, a Real Estate Agency’s website is the key element of their activity, and everybody wants to provide easy communication channels to its potential customers. In this post we will point out the reasons why live chat tool it’s becoming more popular in the Real Estate field.

Customer interaction

At, we think that live chat will transform even a dull website into an interactive one, allowing instant communication and attention. You can easily ensure excellent customer service if you have a customized live chat tool implemented on your website and one of our live chat agents to support it. Just think about the visitors, who are viewing your properties online, will be able to receive all the support they need.

Better customer service

Excellence in customer service can be achieved with a trained advisor, ready to provide the answers to the online visitors, who will quickly become satisfied. At the same time, live chat will provide for you insights on your customers’ needs, by looking at the pages they browse on your website. Agents use the file sharing feature, sending all sort of documents to the clients, this way reducing time compared to a conversation by email or phone.

Increase website conversion          

The chat service is an easy way to increase website conversion, especially if you are trying to capture leads from the traffic generated by paid advertising or if you are spending money on other real estate brokerage websites. Actually, the lead volume generated by your website upon integrating our live chat service will increase by 50%.

As I said in a previous post, if you know that you’re spending on paid advertising to generate traffic for your website and don’t care what happens with the visitors, maybe it’s time to hire a team to help in the process of lead generation. We recommend to give it a try and track your results after a period of one to three months, and then compare them to other lead sources you might have. The only regret you’ll ever have is not using live chat services sooner!


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