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The Best Places to Show Live Chat Window to Win Over Clients

As you already know, a live chat support is vital for an online business. There is a multitude of reasons to use this amazing feature and we have a plethora of articles on our website to prove and explain them.

Studies show that a high percentage of clients prefer to use a live chat tool rather than a telephone in order to ask questions about a product or service that they are considering purchasing. This is because they are able to see a product’s specifications, whilst simultaneously talking to a company representative about their intended purchase. However, it should be said that it is not recommended to start a chat session with your clients on every page of the website.

Let’s examine all the possibilities and find out the best lead-generating places for live chat invitation.

Home Page

Even if this is the main interface of your website, it is not really the place from where you get the sales. The live chat trigger should appear here, but you shouldn`t ask your visitors what they want to buy, since they haven`t exactly seen any products. Yet, there are exceptions: if a customer stays longer than 3 minutes on your home page, it would be okay to ask him or her if you can help or welcome them with an invitation to chat.

Product Page

One of the most important pages of your website is the Product Page. At this stage it is suggested that you appeal to your clients’ desires. This is a good technique not only to ensure that they are loyal, but to upsell to them. It is important to know exactly when to engage your clients, how to follow up on the initial engagement and how to maintain the relationship you have developed with the client. This is why we recommend that you conduct some research into live chat support and its applications. Better yet, we suggest hiring some experts to facilitate the process. Like us.?

Support Page

Not every website has a support page, where people can find answers to F.A.Qs. However, as a smart businessman, you already know that this is one of the most important pages that you can have. Moreover, it is important to have a live chat icon and to start a conversation with your client, as soon as he landed on this page, since it is clear that he or she is looking for assistance.

Do not:
– Bombard your visitors with messages! You know that annoying salesman who insists until you want to kill him with the internet cable? Don`t become one of those!
– Don`t launch chat invitations on pages like Blog or About Us pages. It`s not only ridiculous, but it`s clearly a waste of time for both parties.
Test out all the possibilities of when and on what page to invite people to chat. Make statistics and analysis every day and week, so you can clearly define their pattern of buying. Every business has its own target public and every target public has its own way of buying. A smart business adapts every day and meets its customer needs no matter how hard it is!

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