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Six Basic Qualities That Define Good Business Writing

Business writing has its own special characteristics. In order to obtain a good communication between you and your clients, you have to assure that you follow some specific rules, along with respecting those 7 Major Elements of Communication Process, which we discussed in one of our previous posts.

In this post, we will talk summarly about basic qualities that characterize good business writing.

What is good business writing?

As you progress through studying business communication in our articles we`ll try to answer some of the most basic questions in this domain. We have to acknowledge that, while some of the questions are very simple, their answers are very complex.

Good business writing has three main characteristics:

  • Attracts the reader
    Is easy to read
    Follow the rules.

Bailey was one of our modern thinkers that studied this particular aspect of communication and insisted that the most important characteristic is the following of the rules. What are those rules? Do they depend on the audience expectations, what you have learned in English course or following some standards established by some authors or industry?

The correct answer is “all of the above”. Yet, you will need to balance those rules according to your receiver’s standards and make some compromises sometimes, in order to tell that you had a good business communication. We can say that common sense is what really makes the difference, yet it also depends on the experience of the sender. Reader understanding is, also, a deciding factor. While you will need to use correctly a semicolon, you will also need to know all about your products or services adapt to your audience and make people read and understand your messages.

Does good business writing mean you cannot be creative anymore?

When we talk about good business writing, we don`t mean you cannot be creative anymore. Actually, studies show that a business is more appreciated when its dialogues bring a smile trough the clients` faces and that there are registered bigger sales when people perceive you as creative and original. Yet, those studies show also that people are disappointed about those business who don`t use the proper tone or ideas to answer to their questions.

Just as an art student needs to know, before breaking the rules, all the correct rules of drawing a scene, people from communication department need to know how to properly write a business message so that they can be creative. Using words correctly, proper grammar and logical paragraphs are the main characteristics of a person who work in a chat center. Even if some business may need a conservative dialogue, there are others where creativity is mandated. By following the rules of communication, a creative team can express itself in a clearly form and promote understanding.

Similarly, business writing is not a simplistic writing. You have to be an expert on your field, while you are using, for example, simple terms if your audience is young. Ignoring the use of language of your audience means to create an unnecessary and artificial barrier. The truly excellent writer is the one who can explain complicated ideas in simple terms, so that the reader can understand.

Our team chooses dynamic and specific terms to make their discussions clear, easily adapt to your target audience and increasingly gain information about the domain they represent, so they can be able to convince every single client that your business is exactly what he or she needs. Don`t hesitate to contact us to find out more about good business writing.

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