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Patterns that define us!

Did you know that people think in patterns? You can predict their answers, reactions and feelings by knowing what their type is. Companies are now using knowledge from psychology and applying it in their marketing strategies. They use MBTI (Myers – Briggs Type Indicator) to find out how they should communicate with their target audience in order to obtain the best results for their businesses.

Of course, the Myers – Briggs typologies and applications are complex and you have to study them in depth to understand all the implications and to accumulate all the theoretical information. We cannot include the entire information in a single article, but this is a good argument to recommend you to hire communication experts to handle the live chat platform for your company. The clients will be happier with your services, they will feel that their needs were understood and met.

It’s important to pay attention to MBTI typologies and to start learning how to communicate through this perspective with your clients. Or better yet, if you don`t feel like learning psychology and marketing, hire us to do it for you!

Long story short: What is a “MBTI type” and why should I care?

Long, long time ago, people started wondering about the human nature – those were the first philosophers. Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC), for example, found some links between the biological rhythm of human beings and their thinking pattern. Did we catch your attention?

“Four temperaments” is an early psychological theory according to which there are four fundamental personality types, associated with bodily fluids. These are:

  • sanguine(active and social) – associated with air, blood and youth
  • choleric(short-tempered and irritable) – associated with fire, gall and venom
  • melancholic(analytical and quiet) – associated with earth and serotonin
  • phlegmatic(relaxed and peaceful) – associated with water, saliva, estrogen

These are the fundamental types, however, mixtures of 2 or more types are possible. Hippocrates believed that these 4 personality types are affected by four bodily fluids in excess. His theory was later rejected with the progress and discoveries made in biochemistry, but Hippocrates was right about something:  each of us has an interior mental rhythm! In psychology it’s called personality and it consists in certain patterns of behaviour.

Back to modern days, science and technology allow us to grow and evolve both as individuals and as a whole, as communities and societies. One of the best known modern personality tests is Myers – Briggs, following the same principles as the theory that Hippocrates stated.

What does MBTI do?

According to this theory, people have some main characteristics, based on the following 4 dimensions:

  • the way they use their inner energy (extraversion – introversion)
  • the way they take their information from the surrounding environment (sensing – intuition)
  • the source of their motivation in decision making (thinking – feeling)
  • the base on which they build their lifestyle (judging – perceiving).

This theory helps clarify human behavior: every single one of us is a combination of different intensities of these factors and we act accordingly to their specific patterns.

How can applied MBTI help me grow my business?

MBTI can help you in so many ways! First of all, you start by better understanding your public through better communication of your messages. Next, you give better answers to your customers’ questions, while you improve your effectiveness and save good money. The process is indeed very complex, to be studied during several years, not just a few minutes. If you find it difficult or time-consuming, you can always contact us!

Thank you for joining us on this tour through great methods of applied psychology in marketing, we hope you enjoyed this first insight lesson of what you need to know to get a perfect score in business communication from your customers and we hope to see you soon on our next stop!

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