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How To Handle Live Chat During Holiday Rush

Tis the holiday rush, related to shopping season, customers looking enthusiastically for online discounts and free shipping deals, and not to mention huge sales numbers. And since we’re talking about big profits for online retailers, we can also associate the holiday rush with increased customer interactions, chaos, stress and hustle.


Holiday rush customer support


With the growth of ecommerce and having so many options to choose from, clients have become more pretentious and even more so during the holidays. On the other hand, retailers are becoming more aggressive, throwing on the market more tempting, but sometimes odd offers that most often lead to pertinent questions from shoppers. The support teams get caught in the middle and most of the times, thanks to their efforts, customers come back even after the holiday rush is over.


If you have an online business and you want to get ready to provide your customers with a good experience during the holiday rush, the first thing you need to do is install the live chat tool on your website.

Of course, a chat window that always displays the same thing – “Leave us a message” – will  not help you, so you might as well just stop here, don’t read any further and stop wasting your time with this tool. Instead, if you’re ready to truly embrace the live chat benefits, here’s what you should do to prepare for a great holiday customer experience:

First of all, make sure that all communication channels announced to your customers are functional and that you will not leave any email, message, comment or chat unanswered. Second, prepare yourself with lots of calm and concentrate to solve problems the first time they come up, because clients are always in a hurry during this time of the year.

Make a list of the most frequent questions and prepare the answers. You can use shortcuts, there is no shame in it, the goal is to deliver correct and fast responses. Use a positive language even if a product is no longer available in stock in the size and color desired by the customer, this way the bad news you deliver will be received much better.

Since chat conversations happen in real time and simultaneously, you need to spend more time and energy with this communication tool. Also remember it’s the tone that makes the music, especially near the holiday season, so always empathize with the client.

Don’t try to do everything alone, even if it feels like you have some sort of super powers. At some point you cave in to your human needs and you will become mortal again. 🙂 It’s not a shame to ask for help, just think that once you lose a client because of a bad experience, he will not come back.

When you’ll find out how it feels to have happy customers, ready to come back, you will feel amazing! You will want to provide your clients the same positive experience all the time, not just during the holiday season!

If you do not know where to find help for your online customer support team, you’re lucky to have landed in the right place. Write or call us and we will help you, providing friendly and smart live chat agents or fully-integrated live chat services!

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