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Do You Ever Think About The Business That You’ve Lost?

Do you know those signs that say, “If lost, call my parents!”? It could be so easy to apply the advice to all of you who want an online presence for your business and still, kick off a lot of potential customers…

I know that many recognize themselves in these lines, so the next question is: do you ever get the feeling that you could do something about it, and that the answer is just around the corner? Maybe for some of you it’s not something new, but still, you just don’t know how to start, or are not decided when it is the best moment to start.

It doesn’t matter if the business is a year old, or only one month old, you must know that any solid online presence require at least a good design, an updated content, a clear call-to-action and a targeted market. If all of these come together, then you should start thinking about what is the best way to treat your potential clients and what is making them happy. Or unhappy.

So, anticipate their needs, respect them, always listen, offer them support, be transparent and don’t forget the simple words: thank you and I’m sorry. All of these can be accomplished by traditional phone and email support channels, and of course through a live chat tool, which become a reliable and powerful way to connect with, help, and delight customers.

After testing live chat and analyzing your customer behavior over only a few weeks, you will notice an increase of customer friendliness and affinity with the brand, as well as an increase of the conversion rates by 20% and an improvement of the lead generation process.

Based on the data provided by the The Chat Center, you can make smart, informed decisions in order to produce the best results for the customer support of your website and you can take full advantage of live chat capabilities.

Looking back to where we’ve started, if the thought of losing a ton of customers gives you the goosebumps, before you go, contact me and let me know, how much did you spent to get more traffic and not benefit from it, whatsoever?

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